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sun today. cool to mild afternoon highs. 50s, 60s and some 70s. temperatures continue to be especially inland well below average. here's sal. steve, guilty or not good morning to you. we have some going on i want to talk about but first go to cameras. traffic moving along really well. namely we don't have the widespread fog we've had in other commutes. the last few days we've had some fog and some slow traffic in some of these areas because of it. in fact, yesterday we had a terrible commute as a result. but today it's much better out there as you can look at a live picture of interstate 880. i want to show you san francisco northbound 101 traffic. that also moves well. but i want to alert the guys in the control room. there we go. didn't even have to tell them that they're pretty good. highway 87 near virginia there's a large sink hole that's opened up near that exit
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ramp. and that sink hole apparently is big enough to do some major traffic damage in the area. in other words this is going to be bad thing for the morning commute. again, on the gut lou piniella parkway near the virginia exit there. so we have a crew on the way. right now it's very light because it's early and we don't have a lot of slow traffic but this will become a problem. we don't know exactly how bad it is but our crew is on the way and should be there in just a few moments and we'll let you know. we'll have live pictures as soon as they get there. 4:31 back to the desk. three teenagers are in the hospital this morning following their terrifying ordeal on a secluded marin county beach. they were swept out into the frigid choppy waters off tennessee valley beach yesterday evening. the u.s. coast guard, the california highway patrol, federal park rangers and life guards all raced to the scene, but some good samaritans hiking in the headlands were the first to take action. they immediately came to the
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rescue after spotting a huge wave knock the two girls and boy into the water. >> we got down there and then the two girls are floating around and we were able to save one of them but the other one floated off to the other side. >> all three teenagers were eventually rescued and rushed to the hospital. the extent of their injuries is not yet known. it may be a few days before we learn the identity of the person whose body was found in the water near a san jose golf course. a fisherman made the discovery in coyote creek yesterday afternoon. police say the body was found in a wooded tree lined area next to a public trail. the coroner's office is now checking the fingerprints and will conduct an autopsy. this morning we're following two new developments in the bryan stow case. first his family has posted a new message on its website saying that the critically injured giants fan is showing new signs of improvement. they say he's now opening his mouth on his own when it's time to check his temperature and
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even enjoying some television shows in his hospital room. also new information, the girlfriend of suspect giovanni ramirez is now behind bars in las vegas. the 26-year-old is facing drug and weapons charges. she's the suspected get away driver in that dodgers stadium attack. well, in overnight news oakland police say two overnight shootings appear to be related. officers were called around 10:00 p.m. where they found a man lying in the street. minutes later they were called to the scene of a second shooting on 13th street. both shooting victims were rushed to highland hospital where they underwent surgery. also overnight police collected evidence suggesting the two shootings are connected but so far no arrests have been made. also in oakland this morning police are looking for three gunmen who held up a gas station minimart. that happened last night in the broadway terrace area. the store clerk says the three
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men got away with $600 and two cartons of cigarettes but no one was hurt. deputies in marin city are searching for three men who robbed an ice cream truck vendor at gunpoint. that happened tuesday afternoon on turners drive. investigators say the 51-year- old man from vallejo was operating an ice cream truck in the neighborhood. three men with semi-automatic weapons robbed the man of $160 then ran off. this is the sixth robbery in marin city since mid-june. deputies say most of the robberies have happened at bus stops. also in marin county an investigation is underway into a dangerous device found at a bus stop. sheriff deputies discovered a soda bomb at the marin city bus stop. they say it was filled with rocks and it looked like it was intended to cause harm. there have been reports of similar bombs in marin county in the past few months including some in novato. the explosive devices are made
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from drink containers filled with drain o or other household chemicals. anyone who spots them should not pick them up and immediately call police. emeryville police are asking for your help tracking down a hit-and-run driver who seriously hurt a young woman. police released this surveillance video. take a look. they say it shows the dark colored suv that likely hit the 22-year-old victim. now it happened at the intersection of ada line and san pablo on tuesday at about 2:30 in the morning. police say the victim was in a crosswalk and was dragged at least 30 feet. she remains in the hospital in intensive care. the government of chile is boosting the reward money in an unsolved killing that happened here in the bay area. bravo is a chile citizen recently moved to berkeley to be with his fiance. he was shot and killed during a robbery attempt back in september near the ash by bart
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station. the chile government contributed $3,000 to the reward money which now totals $20,000. also this morning bart's general manager will deliver a report to the board of directors regarding last week's deadly shooting. that shooting sparked rowdy protests on monday at san francisco's civic center station. bart's police chief says his officers were forced to shoot charles hill after hill threatened them with two knives and a broken bottle. the july 3rd shooting is the subject of four separate investigations. uc legends are expected to approve another tuition hike when they meet this morning in san francisco. uc president has proposed a 9.6% increase and that is in addition to a previously approved 8% increase set to take effect this fall. with the start of classes just five weeks away, students have little time to come up with that extra money. >> i'll have to do less of something and take additional
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loans out and make do. >> as students brace for higher costs, we learn that uc regents are expected to approve a pay raise for the ceo of ucsf medical center for exceeding profits. protested uc regents last night calling on them to share the pain. film maker francis ford copula's winery in the napa valley should be back open this morning but that's after a fire. it happened yesterday evening. firefighters say a chimney caught fire above the winery's restaurant. about 75 people were evacuated but no one was injured. it's just below a hall that holds props and memorabilia from his films. 4:37 is the time right now. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. hi, sal. good morning, pam. we do have a sink hole that's opened up in san jose unfortunately. this is on the guadeloupe parkway near west virginia. now one of the offramps there
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may be closed. so if you're driving in the area, you will maybe face delays. now we just saw it on one of our cameras nearby. it's very early. and there's not a big traffic delay because here it is only 4:37 a.m. but just be ware of it. we do have a crew on the way. and we'll let you know exactly what happened. the sink hole that's opened up apparently is going to be rather large reportedly rather large. so we will let you know. move along and take a look at the westbound bay bridge toll plaza. it's still rather early and traffic is light here. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving on the guadeloupe parkway. now this that we just saw here you can see that -- i don't really see anything here that's going to be effecting traffic. this is a live look at the guadeloupe parkway. again, we'll let you know. let's bring steve in here at 4:38. there's one guy there, sal. >> there is one guy there. >> thank you, sal. we have coastal fog moving inland. not as much drizzle today. yesterday was rain. light rain, measurable amounts,
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.03, .04 and even .05 higher elevations. plenty of coastal fog as it begins its move inland and already starting to surge inland. it will not be as strong as yesterday or the coverage i should say but there's still plenty to go around. system's being enhanced by that big old low up into oregon. and it just keeps ramping up the fog and low clouds. 52 to 57. 57 oakland also san jose. a lot of mid-50s here. redwood city, san francisco, livermore, concord, fairfield. cooler towards the north bay. santa rosa 50. napa 52. san rafael at 53. still component of a west or southwest wind or a delta breeze. and even west 22 stronger gusts at sfo. so i mean everything's there again to keep us below average on the temps. there are some areas of low clouds but i think it will burn off sooner today. however as long as this low sits there and then another one reinforcing it on the backside even though it's not as strong it keeps lower pressure on the west coast and high in the middle of the country it's hanging out towards tennessee, kentucky, missouri and not
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moving. so fog, sun, breezy, more sun today. may take a little while to get going but it will probably pop in sooner than we saw yesterday. cool to mild. temperatures some areas i mean 789 you're getting warm but for july that's cool. santa rosa downtown 76. airport probably a little warm north to ten. and still 50s 60s closer to the coast and bay although santa cruz and capitol will get the sun later on near 70 degrees down there later in the afternoon. fog will be with us nights and mornings. it does look slowly warmer as we head towards the weekend and early next week. all right. not bad. thanks, steve. 4:40 is the time right now. one part of san francisco is significantly more dangerous than the rest of the city. where that high crime area is and the proposal to fix the problem. and the talks over the u.s. debt ceiling get ugly. why china is now showing concern about the negotiations. good morning. traffic golden gate bridge looking good heading south. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay
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weather straight ahead.
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good morning. low clouds, temperatures in the 50s. a few low 50s towards the knot bay. once it burns off it will burn off sooner today mid to upper 70s inland but still 50s 60s to near 70 by coast and bay. time now 4:43. right now in grand rapids, michigan, a public viewing is underway of betty ford's
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casket. want to take you live. you can see that there are pictures inside the memorial area the gerald r. ford presidential museum. people are gathering to pay respects to the former first lady. later today the casket will be transferred to a church for a private service and following the service betty ford will be buried next to her husband on the grounds of his presidential museum. india is on high alert this morning following a triple bombing in human buy that killed 17 people. want to show you video from one site this morning showing people gathered around the debris. take a look at that. india's home affairs minister says it appears the bombs were made with amoan yum nitrate and rigged with timers. no prior intelligence indicated an attack was eminent. >> separated by perhaps eight
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to ten minutes shows that this was a coordinated terror attack. >> so far no group has claimed responsibility for the attacks. the united states is pakistan has condemned the violence. president obama and congressional leaders will meet for the fifth day in a row today still far apart on a plan to raise the nation's debt ceiling. by all accounts, the group had a tense two hour meeting yesterday. president obama became frustrated with republicans who were suggesting only a month's long debt limit increase now. the president has said he will not support a short-term solution. reportedly president obama walked out of the meeting warning republicans not to call his bluff. the chinese government is now expressing concern about the lack of progress in the negotiations on increasing the debt limit. that follows a warning by investor service that the u.s. may lose its top credit rating in the coming weeks if the government is unsuccessful in raising that limit. china currently holds more than
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$1 trillion in u.s. treasury debt. ktvu's washington d.c. bureau is scheduled to sit down for a one on one interview with the president today. you can see that exclusive interview with the president this afternoon right here on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 . sarah palin could announce whether she will run for the white house as early as next month. during an interview last night she said she has the common sense and the pro-private sector policy experience that could be good for this country. she also says she thinks she could beat president obama. palin would join a list of gop presidential candidates including michele bachmann and mitt romney. a funeral service will be held tomorrow for the teenage girl who died during a sleepover over the weekend in santa rosa. 14-year-old was remembered last night at a memorial at middle school where she attended. about 100 people showed up to share stories and mourn the loss of the girl who died of
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what appears to be alcohol poisoning. >> she's like your best friend. she's not supposed to die. she's only 14. not right. >> even if being with her like earlier that day makes me feel like i could have done something to stop it, but it's just hard knowing that like they took it. [ indiscernible ] >> the funeral is scheduled for 2:00 tomorrow at st. ewe gene's cathedral in santa rosa. it will be open to the public. housing advocates in san francisco are looking at how to deal with a drastic increase in crime in part of the city's tenderloin district. a new report finds that the first block of turk street alone has 35 times more crime than the rest of the city. one of the major problems is a decline in policing. now to make the area safer, the report recommends increasing the number of officers enforcing liquor regulations and improving street lighting. well, it's 4:47. and today san francisco's board of supervisors will take up
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expanding the city's health care security ordinance. right now that law requires most businesses in the city to provide health care benefits or to pay into a city fund to cover insurance for workers. but a workers group says some businesses including restaurants are finding a way around that law. they're asking the board to change that. the workers say they, customers and the city will all benefit economically. wal-mart may be planning to open at least two stand alone grocery stores in the east bay. pleasanton has received plans for a new supermarket in the former knob hill building. also plans submitted to the city of hayward for a grocery store in the former circuit city building on whipple road. the architect in both cases is a company that has worked with wal-mart. wal-mart is not commenting on those proposals. right now the time is 4:48. we have man versus shark. the dramatic fight captured in the water between a fisherman
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in a canoe and a shark. i've been meaning to ask, did you ever get that fiddler off the roof? >> san francisco's wild relief pitcher steals the show at thest by awards and it wasn't just his beard they were talking about.
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welcome back to the morning news. it's now 4:51. and after nearly a week in space the crew of atlantis gets a little free time today. earlier this morning though it was some of the less glamorous work of being an astronaut. the crew actually had to hand carry some of the food and clothing over to the space station from the shuttle. have some video of them carrying those bags over. later this week they will refill the cargo container with trash and old equipment from the station and then return it to earth. and later this morning we get to talk live with the crew in outer space.
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we're going to talk with the crew of atlantis from the international space station coming up at 6:26 this morning. well, a close call for one fisherman who has a hobby of catching and releasing sharks from his canoe. he got a bite. wanted to take a picture of his catch but the shark didn't cooperate and he flipped the man's canoe over. the man ended up wrestling the shark for half an hour to try to gain control and avoid being bitten. but he only walked away with a scratch to his finger and he did get his picture in the end. well, a bay area scientist wants people to help her track the population of bees. gretchen has organized an event called the great bee count. she wants people to plant flowers in their yards this saturday and report the number of bees that visit per month. the data will be collected to produce a map of the state of bees and many of which have been disappearing. this is the fourth year of this project. so far about 100,000 people
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have signed up. a campground near yosemite is being cleaned extensively after a possible outbreak of the nor are virus. five people reported symptoms of the virus last week. that's a higher number than average. now an estimated 500 campers visited camp mather during the outbreaks including a 2-year- old san francisco boy who was taken to the hospital. just recently there was a confirmed virus outbreak at camp just a few miles away. the debate over a dog park in oakland will go to the planning commission without any recommendation from the parks commission. the panel considered plans for two separate projects last night. one calls for a dog park at lake shore and macarthur boulevard. the other is behind children's fairyland. the lake shore location was first proposed ten years ago, but opponents say putting a dog park in the area known as astro park will break up one of the few open spaces in the city.
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supporters say the city needs a place for dogs to run and claim that the area isn't used by many other people. a lake shore business owner says it could turn into an economic benefit. >> anything that brings more people to our district is a plus. this is an amenity for lake shore and lake shore would be silly to turn down any way to make our area more popular. >> it's going to cut off the open area. so right now we have in a very congested and enclosed urban neighborhood we have an open space that is half of it is going to be cut off. >> well, a parks commission could not agree to any recommendations to build no park, one park or both dog parks. well, tonight giants pitcher bryan wilson returns to work after a very memorable all star break. last night wilson stole the show on the red carpet during the annual espy awards in los angeles. take a look. his famous beard was an obvious
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hit. so was wilson's wild one piece spandex tuxedo. there it is. host seth meyers made wilson the main subject of his opening monologue. >> it looks like your beard is wearing a fake beard. [ laughter ] >> i've been meaning to ask, did you ever get that fiddler off the roof? [ laughter ] >> tuesday night wilson closed out the all star game for the victorious national league. it's 4:55. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic, sal. you know when bryan first started that, pam, he looked like the most interesting man in the world from that ad campaign. but now he does look like the fiddler on the roof. >> he does. that was pretty funny. the tux was an interesting fashion choice. >> right. good morning everyone. there's not a lot going on which is nice. if you are driving around the bay we're going to start in contra costa county. if you are driving on highway 4 you can see that our road sensors are not picking up any
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traffic which is really unusual. someone probably say wow i can get out to highway 4 and drive it the limit. that's pretty good. 680 also looks very nice and no problems as we look at east bay. we see a lot of green. that's just a lot of good traffic. westbound bay bridge the same thing goes. let's go out to the live picture. you can see traffic is moving along at the speed limit here at the toll plaza. and for the first time in a few days we've been able to see 101 san francisco. the last few days it's been under heavy mist and fog but not today. the road is dry and traffic is looking good. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. that is correct. we do have coastal fog but it's up a couple thousand feet moving inland but far less in the way of any drizzle or light rain. san francisco picked up another .04 yesterday. so that clicks along. that counts in the rain season. and it's been about three days in a row. there might be some today but it looks like, again, not much compared to yesterday that's for sure. the low clouds and fog are in place and they'll continue to keep us on the cool side. we don't see much change.
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low 50s now. napa 51. santa rosa 50. not surprised to see upper 40s. haven't dug deep enough yet. a lot of mid-50s everywhere else. it's a little bite to the morning air. also a sea breeze west- southwest. means sacramento's even only forecasting 80 degrees. and by the way, yesterday palm springs was 99. that was a record low maximum temperature. i mean usually they can be this time of year 115, 116. for us plenty of low clouds and fog and also interesting to note that fresno's forecasted high today is a mere 87. and if that does come to fruition, it will be their coolest high going back to 1920. so it's not only cool here, it's cool the entire state of california. fog, sun, breezy, more sun today. a cool to mild but i think we'll see that low cloud deck burn off sooner and definite decrease in some of that drizzle but 50s 60s few mid to upper 70s. inland areas running about 15 degrees below average for many this time of year. we do see not much change. in fact if anything maybe
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another little system kind of enhances that cooling on friday then levels off saturday. should be slightly warmer inland sunday, monday. all right. thank you, steve. well, in the wake of another bart shooting, a zero tolerance policy. the actions being taken in response. enough real food to feed a family of 4 or more for just 20 bucks. today is a kfc day. today tastes so good.
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